Withum Way

Withum “Culture Short” Videos — The Complete Playlist!

During the State of the Firm Event, the video ended and Bill Hagaman, CEO, walked onto stage in real time to share that not only do they get the much anticipated opening video, staff learned we filmed 40 EXTRA videos called Withum “culture shorts” to be released throughout the coming year, featuring many of our staff having fun and reflecting the terrific culture we are so proud of. We’ve journeyed together through a year-long celebration of Withum’s 40th Anniversary. There was dancing (of course) and reflection; there were pies, friends, colleagues, teamwork, confetti and more. Thank you for joining the celebration.

Taking advantage of the latest in video marketing trends, these videos are designed to be viewed on Instagram but can also be viewed on YouTube and other social networking channels. You can find a “teaser” at the end of this video. Follow @withumcpa on Instagram for the year-long celebration!

On Monday, Withum will host its annual State of the Firm event which means many amazing things… including a new video. Stay tuned, friends!

For your reading pleasure:
• As of today, the world has visited WithumSmith+Brown on YouTube a total of 142,658 times!
• The world has watched 221,772 minutes of your dance moves and knowledge
• In addition to the US… the UK, France and Australia think you’re great
• Your 40 culture shorts brought in an extra 31,508 views and 35,321 minutes watched

View the latest “Culture Short” here:

Check past “culture shorts” on the WithumSmith+Brown YouTube Page!

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