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WS+B Voices

Barry Horowitz (NYC partner) presented at the NYSSCPA-sponsored TriState Taxation Conference on January 29, sharing a NYC Tax Update and participating in a panel discussion with Michael Hyman, Deputy NYC Tax Commissioner. Very nice!

On January 30 and 31, WS+B sponsored the Financial Research Associates “Hedge Fund Tax & K1 Bootcamp,” with Bob Demmett (NYC partner) and Tony Tuths (NYC partner) presenting on three different topics throughout the day: Withholding Issues That Pertain to Hedge Funds; Trader v. Investor and Trade or Business Income; and Impact of Foreign Income on a K-1. Awesome teamwork!

Tony Panico (MO partner) presented, “The Affordable Care Act: How Will It Impact Your Business?” to the Business Growth Network on February 4. Well done!

When a client writes about his appreciation of his accountant, you can’t get better than that. Kudos to Chris DeMayo (MO senior manager), who gets a nice mention in the article penned by WS+B client Glenn Van Etten , founding member of Brighten Cromwell, in “6 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Accounting Firm,” published on February 5 on Tremendous!

Tony Nitti’s column continues to garner a strong readership and even stronger ‘sharing’ on various websites. The most recent was his “Reasonable Compensation in the S Corporation Arena” post which was shared on on February 5. Great stuff!

Michael Serluco (RB partner) presented the Healthcare niche’s monthly webinar on February 19, “Revenue Recognition Refresher.” Great demonstration of industry expertise!

Rebecca Machinga’s (PR partner) article on “10 Themes for Improving Talent Retention” was published through the AICPA’s website on February 20. Really great, and worth sharing!

Ed Mendlowitz (NB partner) had two books published in January, both by CPA Trendlines. “How to Review Tax Returns” by Ed and his son Andrew D. Mendlowitz, and “101 Questions & Answers on Managing a CPA Practice.” If anyone would like a copy of either book, please email Ed. He also had a couple of articles hit the newsstands in February, with “The Market Tanked Last Week – Does it Matter?” published in Small Business Journal, and “A Babe Ruth Leader” published in the Business Engine Classified Journal. Wow, Ed, fantastic!

And a big CONGRATS goes out to Frank Boutillette (NYC partner) who will soon be installed as the President-Elect of the NJSCPA effective June 1, 2014, and President effective June 1, 2015.  Great news, Frank!

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