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Give Back

MP MessageJust two days left and after a hectic flurry over the weekend these last couple of days should be a lay- up.

As we think about shift gears after busy season, I’d like to continue expanding upon the ten traits described in the Withum Way, all of which define our culture and the behaviors which best exemplify our people. Today we will cover point nine:

9. GIVE BACK. You will never see a more caring, compassionate group of professionals than what you find here at WS+B. They are passionate about the missions of their charities of choice and encourage participation at every level.

For four decades, WS+B staff have volunteered their time and talents for the benefit of the greater good. Giving back is clearly an intrinsic part of our Firm’s culture. The founders of our Firm envisioned that each of our offices would be gateways to the community, placing considerable emphasis on supporting local charities and other entities whose mission is to serve those in need. And you all have embraced this philosophy fully. As individuals or in teams, you are out almost every weekend, walking, bicycling, running or parading with your pets, all for the sake of helping others who need so much but ask for so little. WS+B’s partner group alone provides representation on over 180 not-for-profit boards and committees, choosing to be involved with those organizations whose mission means something to them on a very personal level.

Here’s one recent example spearheaded by the Morristown office, where we received a warm and appreciative response:

“We are thrilled that WithumSmith+Brown has chosen to contribute over 25 laptops to the Volunteer Center of Bergen County,” said Janet Sharma, Executive Director of the Volunteer Center of Bergen County. “We are currently managing a large Hurricane Sandy Recovery Project involving 50+ nonprofit organizations that are providing services to residents impacted by the storm. While several of the laptops are being used at the Volunteer Center’s offices in Hackensack, eight are indispensable to the staff of our Recovery Information Center in Moonachie, and others are going directly to residents who lost their computers in the flood. The laptops will be used by students at all levels, from pre-K to college, by homeowners, and by small mom-and-pop businesses struggling to survive. Your donation of the laptops is having far-reaching impact, and we are very grateful!”

Thank you for being the caring people you are! It means so much too so many.

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