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Timely Responsiveness

MP MessageA common complaint about professional service providers is that they don’t return their client phone calls or respond to e-mails in a timely manner. A successful accountant-client relationship is based largely on effective and open communication. Responding as quickly as possible to client phone calls and e-mails is not just a matter of common courtesy; at WS+B, it is a requirement. Responsiveness is the very reason why we supply you with the most current technology and mobile devices available today.

This also applies to responding to your colleagues here at the firm. When a staff member contacts you with a question or issue, it is expected that you treat that email or call with the same sense of urgency and concern as you would a client, offering a response as soon as you can. Consider it the same as if the query came directly from a client, because oftentimes, your colleague is working for that very client!

Here’s the rule of thumb: we strongly encourage that you respond to your calls and emails to both clients and colleagues within the same business day. Or, if necessary, a quick reply stating you will be in touch soon would work if you are unable to fully respond at that moment.

Telephone and e-mail diplomacy can win or lose business, or make or break a working relationship. Please make every effort to be as responsive to our clients and each other as you can.

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