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Having A Great Attitude

MP MessageThe Partner-in-Charge of our NYC office, Mike Stallone, sends out a regular “inspirational quotes” email to his office staff. I thought this one was exceptionally good and wanted to share it with everyone this morning:

The winner is always part of the answer
The loser is always part of the problem

The winner always has a program
The loser always has an excuse

The winner says “let me do it for you”
The loser says “that’s not my job”

The winner sees an answer for every problem
The loser sees a problem for every answer

The winner sees a green near every sand trap
The loser sees two or three sand traps near every green

The winner says “it may be difficult, but it’s possible”
The loser says “it may be possible, but it’s too difficult”

After reading this, it occurred to me that there is an underlying personality trait held by those who can embrace such perspectives… having a great attitude. It’s about keeping a positive outlook on things, even when in tough situations. Remember that enthusiasm is infectious, and a smile and a pleasant attitude can work wonders making a difficult tasks seem easier, and helping calm stressed nerves that may be evident all around you. Successful people perpetually keep in mind that life is good. Whether with your clients, co-workers, or even your own family or circle of friends, demonstrating a positive, cooperative attitude will help you reach your own personal pinnacle of success, making you a true winner!

Seek to innovate……possess a vision for growth……maintain a cooperative attitude.

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