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The Top 10 Reasons Clients Leave

MP MessageNow that busy season has been wrapped up and as we head into the summer, we are reminded that our clients are the core reason why we are a thriving professional services firm. They need and require the services we provide, but choose to remain WS+B clients. CCH published an Accounting Firm Client Survey which provided this list of top client responses as to why they chose to no longer work with their current service provider. I think it is a good list to review, offering a solid reminder of what matters most to them…

  1. The Top 10 Reasons Clients Leave:
    The firm did not regularly check with me on my changing needs.
  2. Staff were not able to efficiently find the information needed to deliver the services I needed.
  3. I believe the firm was charging more than the value I was receiving. (note this is a PERCEPTION that we need to avoid by demonstrating value time after time)
  4. It became apparent that the firm was not leveraging technology to deliver the best services possible.
  5. The firm did not keep me up-to-date on regulations that directly affected me.
  6. I became concerned about the firm’s financial stability.
  7. The firm no longer specialized in the types of services I needed.
  8. I lost trust in the ability to deliver the quality services I needed.
  9. It became apparent to me that the firm was not acting as efficiently as it should.
  10. The firm had difficulty recruiting or retaining talented employees.

As a Firm, we make every effort to do our part in the client retention process: by hiring the best and the brightest talent possible; by providing education and training to our staff; to implementing cutting-edge technology for ease of client communications; by conducting bi-annual client surveys to keep a pulse on their needs (we did these last year so they won’t go out again this year). But the rest is up to you… the individual professional.

Regardless of how much pressure we are under to make client deadlines, please be respectful of the valued relationships we have developed and nurtured with our clients, so that they continue to be clients for many years to come. And in the event I can ever assist with a client relationship, please let me know.

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