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Lean CPA

MP MessageOne of our current threats as a firm and a profession is constant pressure from clients on fees. In order to remain competitive and relative, we the need to improve our audit efficiency while maximizing client service, realization and staff morale, which ultimately leads to a more profitable firm for everyone. In an effort to reinvent how we manage audits, we have decided to hire the highly-recommended Lean CPA to review our processes and look for improvements to our management of the audit process.

Please note this is more about project management and does not have a Knowledge Coach impact other than Knowledge Coach will be an audit tool that we will continue to use. This initiative began right after busy season and our champions mentioned below have been busy with developing a new process that I am personally very excited about. We hope to be able to begin to capture some efficiencies this summer when we are working on Not-For-Profit and ERISA engagements. The roll out to all of our audit staff will be next week on June 24th.

The aforementioned ‘Lean Champions’ within each office will be our Lean CPA advocates for our firm, giving them the training on the basics of six sigma, which is the format Lean CPA uses to identify problems, bottlenecks and loops in our processes. The ‘Lean Champions’ are also charged with helping our Lean CPA consultant to identify where we can improve processes, reviewing the recommendations and then each will be the point person in their office for the roll out. Please reach out to them with any questions you may have related to this initiative:

Brad Caruso – New Brunswick
Fatema Kazmi – New Brunswick
Theresa Richardson – Morristown
Eric Strauss – Philadelphia
Dave Karakashian – Silver Spring
Diane McNulty – Red Bank
Crystal Fitzpatrick – Toms River
Aron Fredheim – Orlando
Jarrod Rhen – Princeton
Al Erdmann – NYC
Steve Tuffy – NYC
Jacqueline Jefferson – NYC; admin support to the Lean Champion team

Part of the Withum Way philosophy is to “welcome innovation and change.” We appreciate your support with the Lean CPA initiative which will help put WithumSmith+Brown and its staff in a position of strength.

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