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Congratulations, Paul Gergel for 30 Years of Service!

Paul Gergel 1-10I am pleased to share we are celebrating a 30-year milestone at our firm today… congratulations to WS+B Partner Paul Gergel, CPA, CFP!

Paul is a certified financial planner and also the practice leader of our firm’s Professional Services Group. His engagement experience includes law firms, architects and engineers and other service-oriented clients as well as closely-held corporations. He also works with a number of financial institutions with regards to agreed-upon procedures engagements, and assisting banks in the audit of its customers’ collateral. Paul maintains a specialty in personal financial planning services.

We asked Paul’s close colleagues to finish this sentence, “When I think of Paul Gergel, I immediately think of .” Here’s what we got:

  • “An all-around great guy that says it as it is, and someone you can trust and openly talk to.”
  • “The work hard/play hard mantra. He’s one of the hardest working partners in the firm, but he definitely knows how to have a good time.”
  • “I think of someone who is very balanced in both their lifestyle and work habits. Paul wants to ‘glide’ through life.”
  • “Health Food!”
  • “The flash mob in NYC walking back to the train (good times).”
  • “His contagious laugh, his high energy and his passion for ‘girly drinks’.”
  • “Blunt ,straight-forward honesty; the best vacations ever put together; the most outrageous news stories ever (who knows where he gets them from); and Nirvana (the community development where he lives).”
  • “Eating healthy, family, fitness and current news about weird stuff.”

Clearly, Paul is an interesting and well-liked member of the Withum family! Please join me in congratulating him on reaching a 30-year milestone with our Firm!

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