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WS+B at the America Scores Cup



Congratluations to our WithumSmith+Brown soccer team on their best showing yet at the America Scores Cup, making it into the semifinals of Group B. The game ended with a 1-1 tie, with our team losing 0-2 in Penalty Kicks.

The members of the WS+B included:
  • Christina Lazaro (RB, Supervisor)
  • Kevin Mohr (NB, Supervisor)
  • Kathy Sikora (PR, Staff II)
  • Mark Simonovich (TR, Staff II)
  • Emily Furey (RB, Staff I)
  • Brian Pace (NB, Staff II)
  • Joseph Fede (MO, Senior)
  • Josue Philistin (NB, Supervisor)
  • Brian Roddy (NB, Staff II)
  • Ryan Bixenman (MO, Staff II)
  • Michael Rodrigues (MO, Senior Manager)
  • Kayla Heaslip (MO, Staff II)
  • Solomon Feraidoon (NB, Staff II)
  • Kevin Kelly (MO, Senior)
  • Joanna Simonovich (PR, Intern)

The America Scores Cup is a charity soccer tournament played this past Saturday at Pier 40 in NYC. Proceeds from the event go to support America Scores NY, a not for profit organization whose mission is to inspire urban youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. They achieve this mission through daily after school and summer programming which combines soccer, poetry and service-learning.

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