Professional Development

WS+B Promotions

WS+B Professional GrowthWithumSmith+Brown embraces our employees as family. Employees are groomed from the start and given clear direction to see the future. They are recognized as individuals, and their talents are generously rewarded along the way.

Successful careers are built for a lifetime, not just the meantime.

  • Justin O’Horo (RB)
  • Chris DeMayo (MO)
  • Brian Lovett (NB)
Senior Manager
  • Karen Henderson (MO)
  • Brad Caruso (NB)
  • Joe Malfettano (RB)
  • Susan San Filippo (RB)
  • John Riso (NB)
  • Debra Malles (RB)
  • Chan Patel (RB)
  • Scott Bartolf (TR)
  • Irfan Raza (PR)
  • Melissa Crowe (MO)
  • Ian Taylor (MO)
  • Devin Desmond (NB)
  • Kevin Mohr (NB)
  • Vito Todaro (PR)
  • Daniel Moser (RB)
  • Lauren Taguer (RB)
  • Keith Chiarelli (MO)
  • Andrew Kelleher (MO)
  • Kevin Kelly (MO)
  • Robert Mandetta (MO)
  • Kevin McElgunn (MO)
  • John Rice (MO)
  • Rebecca Bella (NB)
  • Ashley Karsay (NB)
  • Kristen Kulcyk (NB)
  • Elizabeth Schullstrom (NB)
  • Dan Asbaty (NY)
  • Rachelle Langenthal (NY)
  • Brianne Strom (NY)
  • Manting Yan (NY)
  • Alex Fishbane (NY)
  • Julia Padabed (PH)
  • Alyssa Gioino (PR)
  • Lonnie Bloom(PR)
  • Kyle Braun (RB)
  • Lauryn Hanrahan (RB)
Staff II
  • Ryan Bixenman (MO)
  • Melanie Goldbach (MO)
  • Lauren Grossi (MO)
  • Kayla Heaslip (MO)
  • Joe Marmorato (MO)
  • Takanari Tanahashi (MO)
  • Casey Vitale (MO)
  • Alexander Dundara (NB)
  • Brian Roddy (NB)
  • Isabelle Scurato (NB)
  • Brian Pace (NB)
  • Puja Shastri (NB)
  • Vincent Spinelli (NB)
  • Joe Boccia (NY)
  • Carmen Elortegui (NY)
  • Anthony Lauriello (NY)
  • Kathy Sikora (PR)
  • Kyle McGrath (RB)
  • Angela Cece (TR)
  • Keith Doornbos (TR)
  • Ray Micallef (TR)
  • Mark Simonovich (TR)
  • Jin Park – Senior Creative Manager
  • Karen Coviello – Senior Marketing Coordinator
  • Ashton Abby – Marketing Operations Coordinator


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