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Inspiring Trust

MP MessageThe late Stephen Covey was an American educator, businessman, keynote speaker and author, with his most popular books being The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and The Speed of Trust. He is also co-founder of FranklinCovey, a global professional-services firm selling both training and productivity tools to individuals and to organizations, whose mission statement reads: “We enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere.”

Recently, our partners and department heads attended a special FranklinCovey program on “Inspiring Trust.” By definition, “trust” is the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others. This certainly aligns with our firm’s goal of “maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards demanded by the profession, our clients and the public,” as outlined in our own mission statement. The “Inspiring Trust” program was powerfully insightful, with our firm’s leaders learning about “The 4 Cores of Self Trust”:

  1. INTEGRITY: Deep honesty and truthfulness; who we really are; congruence, humility and courage.
  2. INTENT: our plan or purpose – our motive, our agenda, our behavior.
  3. CAPABILITIES: Our capacity to produce and accomplish TASKS: talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge, style.
  4. RESULTS: Our track record – based on past performance, current performance and anticipated performance.

Trust within a team is vitally important. We place great emphasis on our engagement teams to provide World Class Client Service, with the goal to become our clients’ trusted advisors. From an internal perspective, whether a niche team, department team or office team, having a deep trust between team members helps them motivate and inspire each other in achieving great heights together. And certainly trust in the leadership of that team- his or her vision of strategy and end goals – is equally as important.

Leaders who have INTEGRITY with the right INTENT combined with the right CAPABILITIES will produce fantastic RESULTS. Enhancing your Self Trust through practice and application of the four cores will help others put their trust in you.

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