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Give Happier Holidays

MP MessageThe leaves have turned and with the winter weather now nipping at our heels, it certainly enhances the feeling of the holiday season being upon us. And with that, I am excited to share about the fun and creative community outreach initiative Withum will be conducting during November and December. It’s called #GiveHappierHolidays.

To celebrate the spirit of giving during this time of year, we are inviting our staff and families to spread some joy one act-of-kindness at a time through our #GiveHappierHolidays initiative. Be it someone you know or a complete stranger, we are encouraging everyone to go out of their way to do something nice for someone, just to bring a smile to their face during the crazy holiday season. Buy a stranger a coffee; pay the toll for the car behind you; give a few extra dollars to a charity. Whatever it is, we believe a small gesture of kindness can go a very long way.

And here’s how it gets even more fun. We’ve created ‘giving cards’ to share as a leave-behind when you conduct that act-of-kindness, if you’d like to let that person know he or she has just been touched by the Withum Way spirit (totally up to you if you want to leave behind a card). The cards display #GiveHappierHolidays on one side, and on the other. We then hope that you will share your story, photos and videos of your gesture with us through social media using the hashtag #GiveHappierHolidays, or through the web page.


So join the fun! Withum staff have already begun the sharing and the social conversation, with recipients giving us a shout back! There will be stacks of giving cards placed at the receptionist desk of every office. Take one or take ten. There will also be a box of giving cards at the registration desk at today’s CPE.

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