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Congratulations, Nanci Batchelor

MP MessageI am pleased to share we are celebrating a 30-year milestone at our firm today… congratulations to WS+B’s Firm Administrator, Nanci Batchelor!

Nanci knows more about the operations of this firm than anyone else, including me! She is a vital member of our family, a silent soldier who works hard every day, always giving the firm 100% without asking for anything in return. I recall when Fred Withum introduced her to me in 1984 and said she was going to help us straighten out our infrastructure. Neither Fred nor I knew what an understatement that was. Over the last 30 years Nanci created our finance infrastructure and since we are accountants, the partners did everything we could to make it as complicated as imaginable. Nanci’s service to our firm over the years has been outstanding. She has shown the ability to grow with our firm and been our rock in central firm admin.

We asked a few of her colleagues in the Princeton office to share their thoughts on what Nanci means to them and our firm:

  • “I have worked with Nanci for a lot of years; our bond goes beyond a boss and employee. Her door is always open for me.”
  • “Nanci is not just a coworker but a friend. She’s my go-to person when I can’t find answers anywhere else, especially if it’s about Disney!!”
  • “Nanci is my go to person. I always say Nanci knows something about everything!”
  • “I am forever thankful for Nanci hiring me. Her mentoring and patience over these many years has helped me tremendously with my growth in WSB.”
  • “She is champion for Princeton in keeping our office traditions alive. Particularly the Firm Admin Breakfast on the last Saturday before the April 15th deadline where all of FA ‘cook’ breakfast for the staff.”

With comments like that, you can understand why Nanci is indeed an integral part of the firm and the Princeton office, and we are grateful for her hard work and dedication. Please join me in congratulating Nanci on reaching a 30-year milestone with our firm.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week!

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