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Withum 300 began with 42 staff people of every level joining together to achieve the unified fitness goal of each running 300 miles over the course of the year. By the end of the program, more than 20 people accomplished that impressive feat. Overall, the group accumulated over 14,000 running miles and ran an average of 334 miles. The 24 individuals who reached or surpassed the 300 mile mark were recognized at the annual State of the Firm event. Their names were posted on the big screen and they each received a personalized running shirt with the Withum 300 logo. Here are what some of the individuals who completed the challenge had to say:

“I’ve been tracking miles for 30 years and it was never as much fun as being part of Withum 300.”
– Ivan Brown, Founder, Completed 300+ miles

“Believe it or not, everybody in Withum 300 was my inspiration and that is what drove me to achieve my goals as well. I never thought for a second that I could do it. But, watching all of them, week by week, month by month, getting out there in the cold, the heat, the rain, the wind…..truly inspired me and helped to drive me forward…even on days that I really didn’t want to get out.”
– Jim Bourke, Partner, Completed 300+ miles

“The Withum 300 was a tremendous team building activity!! The Withum 300 participants and our mutual goal was the motivating force which got me out of bed in the morning and off the couch in the afternoon on many occasions and inspired me to run more miles than I ever have before. Thank you Withum 300 and its participants!!!!!!”
– Scott Mariani, Partner, Completed 300+ miles

“This was a great experience and really forced me to do some cardio, which was never a focus. Generally after some heavy lifting, the last thing you want to do is run a mile. But with this challenge I forced myself to run no matter what which was a great motivator.”
– Brad Caruso, Senior Manager, Completed 300+ miles

“I never once have considered myself a runner. Running to me was simply a way to get my heart rate up at the gym and burn some calories. With the Withum300, I almost (almost) looked forward to hopping on the treadmill or the arc trainer because I knew at the end of the year, I didn’t want to fail the challenge and not hit 300 miles. Seeing colleagues’ progress throughout the year was inspiring. We were in it together, each other’s cheerleaders. There were days I really didn’t want to hit the gym, but I knew I had to “get my miles in.” The numerous Tweets, Snapchats, and posts on Facebook all were also an added bonus. A lot of us had a common tie, which we will continue to have. Looking back, I would I have never imagined running 300 miles, and now I can say I did… Along with a whole group of awesome people. Bring on 2015!!”
– Nicole DeRosa, Supervisor, Completed 300+ miles

“The Withum 300 was a perfect mix of challenge and fun. Not only did the challenge help me stay fit over the past year, it also provided me another avenue to connect with those in different offices. It didn’t matter what level or office each runner was from, we were all part of one team cheering each other on to finish line.”
– Melissa Soranno, Supervisor, Completed 300+ miles

“I never considered myself to be a ‘runner,’ never used to enjoy it, seemed too boring. I would have much rather been dancing, taking a group fitness class at the gym to get in shape, or ANYTHING else-besides running. I started out doing the Withum 300 slow, I just walked for a while, then I would pick up the pace by running for a short while, then walking a short while, then back to running. I began to look forward to challenging myself, going outside to get fresh air, and clearing my thoughts. The Withum 300 got me in some of the best shape of my life, and I’m going continue it in 2015, to help keep me in shape for my wedding!”
– Michelle Morris, Senior, Completed 300+ miles

After the success of the program, WS+B will be running the initiative once again. E-mail Matt Basilo if you’re interested in joining.

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