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More Phrases You’ll Never Hear Successful People Say

MP MessageWe are coming down the home stretch of busy season, and I am hearing great stories about the effort everyone is putting in to delivery world class service to our clients…..just 2 ½ weeks to the filing date……tick…tick…tick.

I’d like to share the next five phrases from the Yahoo! Small Business article entitled, “You’ll Never Hear Successful People Say These 15 Phrases.” Each point made is very applicable to what we do in our profession. These are taken right from the article, but I am Withum-izing a few where appropriate. As you read through these, ask yourself if you are guilty of saying these phrases, keeping you from reaching your fullest potential… and then learn how to remove them from your vernacular. Doing so will make you a stronger professional.

Continuing on from the last email, here are phrases 6-10:

6. “That’s too late.”
Along the same lines as #5 about an event or appointment being “too early,” if you’re asked to a 9 p.m. dinner by a potential prospect or partner and you can make it, definitely go. You may be tired the next day, but the connections you will make during a small dinner or after-hours meeting can make all the difference when it comes to your career or next project.

7. “It’s too bad we couldn’t work together.”
Truly hitting it off with someone can be a rare occurrence, but if you truly connect with someone and want to work with them, find a way to make it work. Finding people with whom you really enjoy communicating does not come along too often, so whether it’s a case study or a new business, successful people know that working with those who truly align with their personality and interests are the path to true success. As I’ve said before, people want to work with people they like.

8. “Let’s catch up sometime.”
Many times, this phrase is said as filler, without any true follow up. Successful people know that if they really want to catch up with someone, they follow up to make it happen. This also builds on the idea that the most successful people have worked hard to build genuine connections and relationships within their network, without any hidden agenda. Nurturing your network means being thoughtful of others, keeping your client and/or referral source relationships with them on top of your mind… and theirs.

9. “I’m sorry, I’m too busy.”
If an opportunity comes their way, successful people do what it takes to make it happen. Sure, this might mean longer hours occasionally, but if you want something to work, that is what it takes. After all, according to Lao-Tzu: “Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’”

10. “That was all my idea.”
The most successful people spread the wealth when it comes to doling out praise from a successful project. No idea is truly one’s own — it’s a sum of their experiences from interacting and building off of collaborative ideas with a team. Doling out praise and encouragement is a crucial part of building a successful company and culture.

Please consider these important points to help you be a more successful person, at Withum and in life.

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