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WS+B Voices!

  • Randy Paulikens, Partner and Team Leader with our firm’s Litigation, Valuation and Insolvency Group, presented the monthly Healthcare Services webinar on the topic of “Healthcare Fraud: Do You Need to Worry?” on May 20. Excellent!
  • Dave Dacey, Partner and ERISA niche Practice Leader, presented on Auditor Practice Issues Affecting Plans using his Jeopardy game on May 27 at the CTCPA ERISA conference in Rocky Hill, CT. Tremendous!
  • ERISA niche members and Senior Managers Donna Nevolo and Mike Kulick presented on May 19 at a Feldman Benefit Services, Inc. 401(k) Training program for investment advisors regarding the role of the investment advisor in the 401k audit and the DOL 5500ndata mining initiative.  Great team work!
  • A&A Services Team Leader Peggy Gallagher, Senior Manager, along with Jarrod Rhen, Senior Manager, presented a webinar training on “Revenue Recognition: Mastering Today’s Issues for Tomorrow’s Transition” on May 27.  Valuable information for our clients and contacts!
  • Ed Mendlowitz, Partner and Partners’ Network Founder, was published on with his article, “Art of Accounting: My ‘Brand’ is the Exciting History of Accounting” on June 1. Wow!
  • The Healthcare and Not-for-Profit Services Groups teamed together to present a full day of CPE for over 100 clients on June 3, who greatly appreciated the information and the credits. Healthcare Practice Co-Leader Scott Mariani and Not-for-Profit Practice Leader Jim Decker hosted the day’s program, with Senior Marketing Coordinator Heather Campisi pulling together the event.  Great job to the following presenters:
    • “Tax Update” by Tony Panico, Partner
    • “ Internal Risk Assessment – What You Need to Know” by Maureen DeCicco, Partner
    • “Proposed Revisions to Financial Statements of Not-for-Profits & Tax-Exempt Hospitals” by Michael Serluco, Partner
    • “Social Media – Trends and Practical Applications for Career Development” by Rhonda Maraziti, Director of Marketing & Sarah Cirelli, Marketing Manager
    • “Super-Circular Update” by Kevin Margiatto, Senior Manager
    • “Cyber Security – Are You Prepared?” by Tony Chapman, Partner and Sumit Pal, Principal
  • Finally, have you checked out Tax Partner Tony Nitti’s com tax column lately? Really great stuff.  Remember to subscribe to stay apprised of the latest regulations and hot topics related to tax. #CaitlynJenner

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