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Bill’s Virtual Library

MP MessageAs part of my own professional development, I enjoy reading books on leadership topics. They have often served as inspiration for many ideas and initiatives which are currently established here at the firm. Whether written by world-renown leadership authors such as Jim Collins or Patrick Lencioni, or by the CEOs of powerhouse companies such as Zappos or Starbucks, you can always find at least one gem of an idea which can be applied to how you might think differently; approach a challenge from a different perspective; or how to inspire the people around you to reach new heights alongside you. If you are looking for a summer reading list, I invite you to peruse my “virtual library” of the books I have read over the past few years on’s sister site, I’ve added quite a few good selections recently. My “book shelf” can be found here: If you would like to read any of these books, please feel free to make the purchase and submit it for reimbursement. It is our gift to you, with the understanding that you will purchase one book at a time (no need to buy several at once, and they are not to be used for gifting purposes), and will read the book in the spirit of your own professional development. In the new Practice Engine T&B system, you can enter the expense under Publications/Subscriptions, with the words “Bill’s Virtual Library Book” in the Description section.

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