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Workforce Now

MP MessageAs you know we are always interested in upgrading our technology in an effort to improve efficiency and to give our staff the best tools to perform their tasks.

As part of this constant effort for improvement we are pleased to announce that as of July 1st we moved to a new payroll platform with ADP. This new platform, called Workforce Now, will ultimately encompass applicant tracking, onboarding, HRIS, payroll, and benefits, giving our staff a state of the art interface on all HR documents.

The 7/16 payroll will be the first using the new software. We have made every effort to make sure that everyone’s data has converted to the new system, however, please take the time to check your paystub to ensure that the correct data transferred over and that your deductions, deposits, personal information etc. are all correct.

You will receive an email from Julie Zottman on the 16th as to how you can access your information.

If you do discover something amiss, please contact Julie and we will get it corrected immediately.

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