Withum Offices / Withum Way

Withum Competes in the America SCORES Cup

2015 America SCORES Cup- Withum

On Saturday, July 11 2015 Withum participated in the America SCORES Cup for the fourth consecutive year and made it to the knockout stage of the tournament. The 9th annual America SCORES Cup is New York City’s largest annual corporate soccer tournament, bringing together over 600 employees from 40 top NYC companies.

The SCORES Cup is an all-day event full of soccer, networking, team-building and charity. Withum’s $5,000 donation will fund for one writing coach and one soccer coach for the entire 2015-2016 school year. Participants were:

  • Kathy Sikora
  • Alexa Vastano
  • Joanna Simonovich
  • Emily Furey
  • Nicole Lorenc
  • Taka Tanahashi
  • Joe Fede
  • Ryan Bixenman
  • Brian Roddy
  • Josue Philistin
  • Brian Pace
  • Solomon Feraidoon
  • Aaron Wallace
  • Frank Cabrera

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