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Inter-Office Softball Tournament

MP MessageLast Saturday, we held the 5th Annual Inter-Office Softball Tournament, and from what I understand, it was another successful firm event which many enjoyed. For a third year in a row, the New Brunswick office took home the championship title. Congratulations!

Unfortunately, it came to my attention that a few instances of inappropriate behavior were displayed on the field, to which some players and spectators took offense. Please be aware that we have spoken with the parties involved who apologized and assured us that such behavior will not be demonstrated again in the future.

The following is a note from John Mortenson, the Partner-in-Charge of the New Brunswick office:

Last Saturday, the firm held its annual interoffice softball tournament. It’s a day where multiple offices come together for some friendly competition on the field, where we build firm comradery, have some fun and crown an office champion. As a firm, our culture is second to none and this day should represent what is best about the spirit of the firm. Although we may sit in different offices on a daily basis, we are one firm with one culture. The New Brunswick office won the tournament but, I have heard, lost some respect from other offices. On behalf of the New Brunswick office, we apologize for some of the behavior directed to the umpires and some of the competitors on the field. In a family environment, we know this is unacceptable and will not be repeated.

As part of the Withum Way culture, we like to “Work Hard, Play Hard” and “Embrace the Family Spirit.’ However, these are not mutually exclusive goals. I am confident that, to the extent that some of our people (and I assure you, these are all good people) let their exuberance get out of hand, this anomaly of poor judgment will not occur again. As John states, it truly is our culture which makes our firm so unique. As we share in our marketing literature, “Our People, Our Culture… Our Strength.” That really sums it up well.

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