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Congratulations to Bill Hagaman – 35 Year Milestone!

Bill Hagaman 35 YearsWe are pleased to announce a 35 year milestone being reached today at our firm… congratulations to Bill Hagaman, CPA!

Tom Suarez and Dan Vitale mentioned in a previous email about Bill that he was our seventh partner in the history of the firm and was promoted faster than any other staff accountant. With seven being the number most associated with good luck, we certainly believe WithumSmith+Brown has been lucky to have Bill as part of our leadership team for three decades, becoming the Managing Partner in 2010. With that thought in mind, I’d like to share the following Top 10 list in honor of this occasion:

The Top 10 Reasons why Bill Hagaman is a ‘stand out’ Managing Partner:

10. He communicates. Not only does Bill send a weekly MP message to the entire firm, sharing firm news and strategy, news from the profession and inspirational leadership guidance, he also has an open-door policy encouraging everyone at every level to call or email him any time. Bill is very approachable.

9. He reads. Bill is a big believer in continuous education, and that includes reading books about leadership, business and other successful business professionals, creating an account on and inviting everyone at the firm to purchase any of the books to read for themselves, submitting the cost as an expense to be reimbursed.

8. He’s ‘social’. Bill was one of the first – if not the first – MP to embrace social media and leverage Twitter and launch his own blog CEO Thinks to share his thoughts on leadership, books, trends and hot topics related to our profession and our firm.

7. He is well respected. Bill is well-known in the New Jersey business community, having garnered a reputation for intelligence, integrity and possessing solid business acumen, and currently sits on the board of the NJ Chamber of Commerce. Internally, the entire staff look up to him – and not just because he is 6’ 4”! Bill is known to be very firm yet very fair. He has earned our respect because he respects everyone as professionals, helping them grow and thrive in their careers at Withum.

6. He ‘gets it’ when it comes to having a life outside of the office. Many of our professionals are working parents or caregivers of family members, and they appreciate the flex-time policy Bill fully supports. He is also supportive of those who may want to pursue other interests outside of work, be it coaching baseball or teaching an exercise class, allowing them to fit these things in around their work schedules.

5. He gives back. Bill is very supportive of the firm’s community outreach efforts, and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Francis E. Parker Memorial Home and Treasurer of the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation. He is current Chairman and former Treasurer of the New Brunswick Cultural Center, Inc., and former Chairman of the George Street Playhouse.

4. He cares. When you speak with Bill, you truly get the sense that you matter. He asks about how you are doing at work, for sure. But he will also ask about your family, your children, your hobbies, how your weekend was. He is genuine.

3. He has Passion. Passion for this firm. Passion for its people. Passion for our communities. He lives and breathes everything about Withum. It is inspiring.

2. He dances and lip-syncs. You gotta love an MP who isn’t afraid to dance, lip-sync and act for our culture videos, much to the amusement of our staff and the profession (but let’s be honest, it’s impressive!).

1. He has a great sense of humor. Who else would wear suspenders in every imaginable color?

Indeed, our firm has a very special leader. Please join me in congratulating Bill on 35 years of service!

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