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Medical Benefits

MP MessageFirst, I want to take this opportunity to express sincere condolences to the people of France for the turmoil they have been experiencing with the terrorist attacks on Paris. I have corresponded with our HLB firms there, and thankfully it appears that all of our friends are safe. Living through the 9/11 attacks, I think we can all relate to the emotional toll this takes on the psyche of a nation, and sharing our emotional support is the least we can do.

Next, I’d like to address an internal issue here at Withum. One of the Withum Way attributes is to Maintain a Cooperative Attitude. I ask that you recall the email Julie Zottman sent out from HR asking everyone to go to the new ADP website to either enroll for medical and other benefits or decline them (everyone must do one or the other for each type of benefit). I did so as soon as I received the email, and it literally took less than 10 minutes to sign up… and I’m generally not good at navigating websites. As of Friday, only 75% of the firm has complied.

I am certain that if your intent is to utilize the great benefits we are offering, you wouldn’t want to have missed the opportunity to sign up, resulting in a lapse of medical coverage for you and your family or not having your 401K fed this year. If you don’t enroll, you won’t receive the benefits. It’s pretty straightforward.

Our HR department is already taxed, so contacting over 100 people to act responsibly is not an option. I am personally requesting that anyone who has not gone onto the website to enroll (or decline) benefits, please do so this morning after reading this email.

Generally speaking, we need to work together to support and respect each of our firm’s departmental roles and responsibilities (HR, IT, Firm Admin, Marketing), as these professionals spearhead vital functions within our firm which make working here so great. Maintaining a Cooperative Attitude is an important component of the Withum Way. All I ask this morning is that we walk the talk.

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