MP Message

State of the Firm

MP MessageI am so excited about this afternoon’s State of the Firm event. We have a full agenda planned, with topics covering all of the great things that are in play to drive growth and create new opportunities for our staff. We also celebrate the many tremendous achievements and milestones made by our staff over the past year. State of the Firm offers an excellent opportunity to spotlight our amazing culture, reminding us why Withum is truly one of the best places to work within our profession.

Speaking of which, one of the many great things about working at our firm is that we respect the fact that you all have lives outside of the office. We get it… we really do. Families, friends, hobbies, travel, volunteering… so many things that are personally important to us, making our lives richer and fuller. When speaking with our staff about the practices and benefits they like the most, the response is overwhelmingly being able to flex their time and also work from home when needed. And we do everything we can to help facilitate that by providing the right technology for remote access, and working with office managers to schedule client work accordingly.

Please understand that the happiness and well-being of our staff is paramount to us. The cornerstone of our success is truly the loyal and talented professionals who work here every day. Our firm’s culture and commitment to providing a great work environment includes allowing our staff the flexibility with their schedules to tend to personal matters or enjoy special life occasions, successfully balancing their client work while doing so. There is no reason for anyone to ever have to miss a child’s birthday or graduation, or decide to skip a vacation, or not be able to help an ill parent or friend, or not leave early to head to a concert or baseball game, or not work from home when their child is sick. We have the resources – both people and technology – to allow you to do what you need to do.

Now of course, a benefit like this can easily be abused, so be mindful of the frequency of your requests. We have to be fair to other staff and certainly to our clients. If you have any questions related to our flex time policy, please feel free to reach out to Joan Kampo, Director of Human Resources, who will be happy to discuss this policy with you.

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