Withum Event / Withum Way

Withum 2016 State of the Firm Rebrand

Work Hard/Play Hard – This ubiquitous motto applies all too well at WS+B. We work hard to provide the world-class service our clients expect, and then celebrate together in our successes when the job is done.

We are so thrilled to officially launch our new logo. Withum’s brand has always been a reflection of our people and our culture… our strength. Our new logo aligns perfectly with our brand, reflecting strength, innovation and boldness in its unique design. The elements of the new logo include the “Withum” name in bold typeface, a superscripted plus sign as its mark, and the words “Audit Tax Advisory” as the service line. The plus sign is the universal symbol in the accounting profession representing ‘being in the black’ and positive results, also reflecting our goal to be an addition to every client’s team. The logo is a perfect representation of our firm’s mission to help our clients, our communities and our staff to Be in a Position of Strengthsm. Visit withum.com/brandstory to read more about our Brand Promise and also watch the message shared by Bill Hagaman.

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