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Management Consulting Services

MP MessageThere has been a lot of discussion and focus on our firm’s growth through mergers and acquisitions lately, which is undoubtedly very exciting. However, just as exciting are the new opportunities for additional services to be provided to our clients presented through our newly formed Management Consulting Services practice, spearheaded by the team of Jim Bourke, Joe Riccie, Meg Watson and Wally Merkas, supported by Sr. Marketing Coordinator, Krysten Hambrook.

During December, the MCS team began their “Road Show” to the various offices and through a few webinars. They shared about their management consulting capabilities and potential offerings that offer a holistic approach to serving both clients and prospects alike. For those who may have missed the sessions, the presentation is attached and a recording of the webinar is also available.

As we kick off the new calendar year, our Management Consulting Services team is sure to contribute to our overall firm success as many of you have already begun to introduce them to our clients. Key things you should remember going forward:

  • If your client is experiencing a business challenge (technology concerns, operational inefficiency, resource constraints, change in the marketplace, etc.), chances are we should be having a conversation with them before another firm intervenes.
  • Our MCS practice is founded on the concept of “Current State, Future State, ‘X’”. What is the client’s current position? What are they trying to achieve? How do we help them get there? What VALUE can they expect from our team? Almost every engagement, regardless of size or complexity can be identified, sold and delivered based on this concept.
  • It never hurts to ask! If you are unsure whether the MCS team can help, it is always worth a discussion. Each client circumstance is different and will be evaluated carefully.

The Management Consulting Services practice aligns well with our growth strategy. Developing our management consulting capabilities enables us to effectively expand our market presence and provide value to our clients as a full-service, professional services firm. I hope you will join me in embracing the team and promoting this new and exciting aspect of our firm. If every partner were to invite our MCS team to engage with at least two appropriate client situations, it would present tremendous growth opportunities for both our firm and our clients.

Stay tuned for additional resources from the MCS practice to help both you and your clients acclimate to our new service offerings. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact Jim Bourke, Joe Riccie, Meghan Watson, Walter Merkas or Krysten Hambrook.

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