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Building a WOW Team

MP MessageFor all our people I the DC arear and north, I hope you are all dug out and stayed safe in the storm this weekend. For all our people south of DC…the rest of us are just jealous.

In today’s MP Message, we will be covering the fifth topic from Jack & Suzy Welch’s book, The Real-Life MBA: Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team, and Growing Your Career, which is: Building a WOW Team.

Sometimes amazing teams seem to emerge spontaneously; everything and everybody clicks, like alchemy. But most times, team-building is a conscious act, a deliberate process. As a firm, we place great emphasis on ‘team’ and we see many WOW teams all around us. We have engagement teams who provide World Class Client Service, with the goal to become our clients’ trusted advisors. From an internal perspective, whether a niche team, department team or office team, those WOW teams have a deep trust between members, helping them motivate and inspire each other in achieving great heights together. And certainly the leadership of these teams- their vision of strategy and end goals – is equally as important.

The Welch’s describe the essential components for building a WOW team:

  • Hiring 101: Hire for skills and behaviors with discipline and a carefully curated, mission-driven checklist to match. We as a firm make every effort to do our part in hiring the best and the brightest talent possible through carefully crafted job postings, recruitment efforts, personality assessments and a rigorous interview process.
  • The Place to Stay: Once you’ve got the right people, you need to create an environment that motivates and retains them. It’s about culture! Our firm’s culture and commitment to providing a great work environment allows our professionals to learn and grow in their careers, and also have fun while doing so. We provide plenty of CPE programming and other professional/leadership development training opportunities for our staff. And we certainly know how to have fun, arranging tax season bowling parties, jeans days, baseball games, annual theatre trips, holiday parties and our annual SOTF video filming, just to name a few things we do.
  • HR is Key: Give the human resources department the tools to identify talent, build careers and help to forge the kinds of teams that change lives and companies. In addition to the professional education we offer, our Career Coach initiative (mentoring program) and the Empower program (Staff I training and orientation) are two great examples of what our HR department spearheads to help build the right office, niche and department teams, putting our firm in a position of strength.

Put these three practices together, and prepare to be WOWed!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the thought leadership coming from The Real Life MBA. Remember, if you’d like to read this book yourself, feel free to visit my bookshelf on and order it. You can enter the expense under Publications/Subscriptions, with the words “Bill’s Virtual Library Book” in the Description section.

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