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Management Consulting Services on the Web

Joe RiccieToday marks a key milestone with the launch of our firm’s Management Consulting Services group just a few months ago.

We are now visible to the external marketplace. We will start to show up in web search results.

We are happy to announce the we have launched our service pages on We are excited to now have a location to drive prospects and clients to view our service capabilities and depth. As the practice leader, I can say that we’ve received really positive feedback and interest about our service offerings within the firm and are excited to help our clients with resolving complex business issues driving them to measurable valued outcomes.

Please find some time to look at our site and share it with those who may benefit. As always, we’re happy to discuss our capabilities further with you.

In the last few months we have been educating and talking about our services constantly. To date, we have been engaged internally with approx. 30 partners and their teams helping us to build an active pipeline of a few hundred thousand. Imagine our firm’s potential once we increase our internal contact touch points.

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