Thought Leadership

  • Ray Russolillo, Partner and Private Client Services team leader, presented an all-day tax session at Rockland Community College on Jan 10. Nice job, Professor!
  • Dave Dacey, Partner and ERISA niche Practice Leader, joined by Howard Levine from Drinker Biddle and Dave Hudak from Portfolio Evaluations Inc., gave their 5th annual fiduciary checkup webinar on January 20. Excellent!
  • Sheri Wronko, Senior Manager and ERISA niche member, interviewed Peter Nadeau, Consultant with Fiduciary Investment Advisors, during her first published podcast on “A Closer Look into Behavioral Finance, Pricing Models and Employee Education for Employee Benefit Plans” on January 22, which was shared with each respective firm’s clients. Very nice!
  • Steve Yardumian, Partner and Financial Services team leader, presented at the Jan 26 FRA Conference in NYC with two sessions, “Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Tax Allocation” and “Preparation of Hedge Fund Returns and Disclosures.” Elliot Goldberg, Principal, also shared thought leadership with his session on “State Income and State Tax Withholdings.” Great team work!
  • Tom Angell, Partner and Financial Services team leader, moderated a panel at the recent CFO COO conference in NYC, covering “Retaining and Keeping Your Finance and Operations Team Engaged” on January 27. Tom was also quoted in an article published in the March issue of Private Funds Management, “An Uncertain Decade,” discussing FAS 157 and how GPs continue to struggle with fair value. Well done!
  • Ted Nappi and Hal Terr, Partner and Private Client Services Practice Co-Leaders, gave a 2-hour Estate and Tax Update CLE presentation co-sponsored with US Trust in Freehold on January 28. Great team work!
  • Rob Brown, Partner and Automotive Services niche member, participated on a Buy/Sell panel discussion at the Philadelphia Auto Show Dealer Forum on February 2. Way to go!
  • Tony Nitti, Tax Partner and com columnist, was quoted on in the article “President Bernie Sanders Would Build a Roaring Economy, Says One Report” on February 9, with the reporter reaching out to Tony after reading his blog comparison of the Trump and Sanders tax plan. By the way, the screen shot displayed here are of Tony’s Top 5 popular posts on Forbes with over ONE MILLION total views. Amazing!
  • Barry Horowitz, Partner and SALT Team Leader, was a co-presenter for a special tax update to the Professional Advisory Council of the George Snow Scholarship Fund in Boca Raton, FL, on February 11.
  • Nicole DeRosa, Manager, was interviewed by the NJCPA for two member stories on trying to break the stereotypical CPA image (and talks about her love of teaching Zumba) and a CPA exam journey for CPA candidate.  Awesome!
  • Litigation, Forensic and Valuation Services team members Ken DeGraw, Partner and Carleen Gaskin, Senior Manager, presented “What’s a Forensic Accountant?” at the New Jersey Law Center for ICLE on January 16.  Additionally, Ken hosted a webinar for the AICPA’s Forensic and Valuation Services Section on Tax Compliance in Bankruptcy “Bankruptcy Basics” on February 17.  Very nice!
  • The Technology Services niche garnered a lot of press with their sponsorship of startup accelerator Starter Studio based in Orlando. It’s a tremendous effort for expanding our industry expertise in a different geographic region. Partner and Practice Leader Jim Bourke is quoted, a great ambassador of the firm. Well done!
  • As previously mentioned, Rick Coyne, Partner, was recently named the new chair of the Board of Directors of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce. You can catch his Chairman’s Message each month, like this one for February. Nice, Rick!
  • In recognition of Withum’s international tax and audit practice, Jordan Publishing Limited, a UK privately-owned law publisher, requested Withum to review, update, and critique the U.S. Federal section of International Corporate Procedures.  CJ Stroh, Staff II Accountant and International Services niche member, performed the requested services, with assistance from Ed O’Connell, Partner and A&A Team Leader, for the GAAP content. Released annually and available either as a print or online subscription,  International Corporate Procedures is a country-by-country encyclopedia of business regulations in over 55 jurisdictions worldwide, including all major industrial, financial and offshore business centers.  Bylines in the international publication will include Withum, CJ, and Ed. Really great work!

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