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Congratulations, Susan Veres

I am pleased to announce a 25 year milestone being reached today at our firm… congratulations to Susan Veres!

Susan is a member of our finance team, responsible for the Accounts Payable function within the department. She is very dedicated to her position and is always looking to save the firm money, treating the bank account as if it is her own. Susan started with our firm as an Administrative Assistant in 1991, but changed positions in 1995 to Accounts Payable. At that time, the position was overseeing a firm of 100 staff members. Twenty-five years later, the firm has approximately 700 staff, but still just one Susan. Regardless, don’t ever try to pull the wool over her eyes when it comes to your expenses… she doesn’t miss a thing .

Adored by many, Susan is known for her great sense of humor, having an appreciation for sharing and watching funny YouTube videos with colleagues, especially when everyone is feeling under pressure. She is described as being full of life and spunky, and a friend when you are in need. I hear she held the hand of a particularly skiddish payroll administrator (I won’t name names) during a flight take-off to Boston… Susan is always the caring one. And she is equally known for being a true professional, one whom you can always count on to get the job done, no matter the task.

Thank you, Susan, for all that you’ve done – and continue to do – for the firm. It is greatly appreciated. Please join me in congratulating Susan on 25 years of service!

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