MP Message

Happy Deadline Day!

MP MessageCongratulations! You made it through the 2016 tax season, although I know many of you are finishing up a few things today. I also am aware that many of you have a significant April 30th due date and will be busy through the end of the month. However, I am certain you are all looking forward to the firm holiday tomorrow, with plans of sleeping in and then enjoying some relaxed quality time with your family and friends.

Today you will receive a special gift of appreciation, with compliments from Withum’s partner group. We often say what makes our firm so special is its culture. But the true essence of that culture is our people and the relationships we have with one other. Enjoy your new logo’d pullover and umbrella in good health and spirits.

On behalf of our Partners, I thank you for the hard work and dedication demonstrated throughout the past few months. It is through the collaborative effort of every person here – inclusive of all levels and departments – that we remain one of the best regional accounting firms in the country. We are truly thankful for your efforts, as are our valued clients.

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