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Firm Confidentiality

MP MessageI trust you all had a great weekend and enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day with your families.

Today, I’d like to talk about ‘confidentiality’ as it pertains to former staff. As we grow as a firm, we occasionally have team members who move on in their careers, deciding to go private or work for a different accounting firm, or are terminated for a variety of reasons. During their time here, friendships are formed and those relationships continue on after they leave Withum. And that is terrific; we are completely understanding of that. However, we need to be mindful that when a staff member leaves Withum, they are no longer welcome to receive internal or client emails, and forwarding such communications is not appropriate.

What exactly is confidential?

  • Certainly everything related to our clients’ files. All financial statements, tax returns, estate plans, client lists comprised of mailing addresses and e-mail addresses that we use for marketing purposes… anything possessing any information related to our clients is to remain within our ‘walls’, and not to be shared – via e-mail, conversation or otherwise – with outside sources and former employees, even if that former employee was on the engagement.
  • Any internal emails describing corporate policies, Withum-specific programs and activities or software updates.

If there is a piece of communication you’d like to send to a former staff member but are unsure if it goes against the code of confidentiality, please speak with your Office PIC or drop me a line.

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