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Women in Tech Dinner

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Withum’s Technology group hosted 18 of our female technology CEO clients at Left Bank in the West Village on June 21st. Client, Kathy Leake, CEO of Qualia Media lead an informal conversation on how to raise capital as a female in technology. The event was highly regarded by its attendees, as shown by the feedback below:

“It was wonderful to meet you and the other women at the dinner last night. You picked a phenomenal spot (the food was delicious and the ambiance terrific), and I think the energy amongst everyone was just perfect! Lots of laughter and discussion and never a dull moment. I look forward to future ones :-).”
Adrienne Meisels
CEO & Founder MyPlanit

“I just wanted to say thank you for organizing such a great dinner on Tuesday! I had a wonderful time meeting all of the other women, and Kathy’s talk was really helpful. I hope that Electric Objects can contribute in some way in the future to other events such as this, so please let me know how I can help.”
Lori Karns
CEO Electric Objects

“I attended a women in tech dinner last night that Withum put on. It was really fantastic and a great idea! Not sure how I got on the list, but thanks!!”
Jacquelyn White
CEO of Savoteur

“It was very nice meeting you & a pleasure to be surrounded with successful women in technology last night. Thank you for inviting us!”
Diana Dillinger
Accounting Manager, Qualia Media

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