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America SCORES 2016

13737681_10153762025497896_4185716385651186903_o (1)
Congrats to the Withum soccer team for advancing to the semi-finals of the 2016 America SCORES Cup at Pier 40 this past Saturday. The team battled through injuries, finishing 3-1 in the group stage, and even scored two goals in the final three minutes of the quarterfinal match to beat EY. As newcomer Vince Dell’omo put it “everyone put in some serious work.”

The members of the team include:

  • Christopher Botros (Intern – Princeton)
  • Vince Del’ommo (Senior – Princeton)
  • Scott Edwards (Staff II – Red Bank)
  • Solomon Feraidoon (Senior – New Brunswick)
  • Emily Furey (Senior – Red Bank)
  • Mike Jones (Staff I – Princeton)
  • Christina Lazaro (Manager – Red Bank)
  • Darko Naumoski (Manager – Princeton)
  • Brian Pace (Supervisor – New Brunswick)
  • Dan Richardson (Manager – Princeton)
  • Brian Roddy (Supervisor – New Brunswick)
  • Joanna Simonovich (Staff II – Red Bank)
  • Taka Tanahashi (Senior – Morristown)
  • Alexa Vastano (Staff II – New Brunswick)
  • Dylan Vieira (Intern – Red Bank)

Withum not only succeeded on the field, but off the field. Thanks to some generous donors, Withum was able to raise $2,196 for America SCORES NYC!

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