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40 Years of Service

MP MessageI am pleased to announce a 40-year milestone being reached today at Withum… congratulations to Dan Vitale, CPA!

Dan is considered one of Withum’s ‘founding fathers,’ having been one of our early staff members who worked in the original Milltown, NJ office with Fred Withum, Len Smith and Ivan Brown back in the late 1970’s. He is a critical member of our firm’s management team, and over the years has made a significant impact on the overall success of our firm with his input and business savvy proving to be an invaluable and key ingredient to our collective decision making process at the management committee level.

Dan was responsible for establishing Withum’s presence in the South Jersey area as the Partner-in-Charge of our former Toms River office. Now that the Toms River and Red Bank offices have combined, he is now happily residing with his brother, Andy Vitale, Partner-in-Charge of the Red Bank office.

Dan is a well-respected professional in the business community, having client and referral source relationships spanning for decades. Also known for his great sense of humor, he is considered a good friend to many of his colleagues and partners. Personally speaking, Dan has been one of my mentors having worked closely together when I was a young rookie in Milltown. I remember well attending his new partner reception in 1981 and quietly promising myself to follow in his footsteps at the firm. His mentorship and advice over the years is an important ingredient to not only what the firm has become, but to who I am personally today.

Please join me in congratulating Dan Vitale on 40 years of service!

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