Withum Way

Fair Treatment vs. Same Treatment

MP MessageToday, I’d like to discuss the concept of “fair treatment” of team members vs. “same treatment.”

In a meritocracy culture where those who demonstrate exceptional performance and strong technical skills are to be rewarded, which is typical in public accounting, we need to be continually mindful to recognize such performance on a regular basis and not just at the end of the fiscal year when raises and promotions are discussed. Whether it’s a simple “great job!” and a pat on the back, a Strength Award nomination, awarding Withum Buck$, or sharing a few sporting event tickets we happen to have available, these are examples of easy and effective ways to reward great performance, helping motivate and inspire our firm’s most important resource – our people.

Note that we make every effort to be fair in recognizing and rewarding team members who are deserving, and not having “favorites” which can cause dissention amongst teams. However, also note that when we reward an extra effort, this should not detract from everyone else that is contributing to our success. Instead of questioning why a person received an accolade, I would suggest you seek to emulate the activity that led to the reward.

Additionally, being consistent in treating everyone with respect and dignity is certainly a part of our firm’s culture, underscoring our informal “no jerk” policy. Providing everyone the same opportunities to grow and thrive in their careers here at Withum is also just as important, as our goal is to have all team members excel in our work environment. Leadership training, CPE, Career Coaching and similar programs are available to our accounting professionals. And even non-accountant team members are encouraged to pursue professional development opportunities to keep them moving forward in their careers.

As members of the Withum family, please be mindful to treat each other kindly and fairly, and remember to give ‘kudos’ regularly to those who earn it. These efforts go a long way in nurturing and preserving the Withum Way culture.

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