MP Message / Withum Event

Inter-Office Softball Tournament

MP MessageFirstly, I’d like to extend a hearty congrats to our new partners, Carleen Gaskin, Sheri Wronko and Michael Yarrow, who were honored at this past Wednesday’s New Partner Reception. We had a record turnout of over 600 guests to help us celebrate. Many thanks to Danielle Atkinson, Jin Park and the rest of the Marketing team who helped pull this all together.

Next… many of you are gearing up for the 6th Annual Inter-Office Softball Tournament this coming Saturday at Warren Park, Woodbridge, NJ. It’s a day when offices come together for a little friendly competition on the field, building firm-wide comradery, having some fun and then ultimately crowning an office champion. Our culture is second-to-none and this day represents what is best about the spirit of Withum. Although we may sit in different offices on a daily basis, we are one firm.

As part of the Withum Way culture, we like to “Work Hard, Play Hard” and “Embrace the Family Spirit.’ I’d like to share a gentle reminder that these are not mutually exclusive goals. Be mindful of the families who may be present, keeping your exuberance and passion for the game in check. While heckling an umpire or razzing the competition, may seem like a normal softball activity, remember that this is a workplace event and inappropriate language and gestures are unacceptable. We want everyone – team members and spectators of all ages – to experience a positive, fun-filled day. There will be plenty of food and beverages for all, as well as activities for the kids, so enjoy!

As an FYI, the New Brunswick office has taken home the trophy for the past three years. I think it may be time for a new home for that big silver cup! J Kudos to the tournament’s planning team of Ryan Bixenman, Brian Pace and Heather Campisi who work tirelessly to pull this event together.

Have a great time Saturday… Play ball!

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