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Suggestion Box Summary

MP MessageAs most are aware we review the suggestions made to the suggestion box each month at our Management Committee meeting. We get a lot of great suggestions and consider each and every one of them for implementation on a firm wide basis. We thought it would be helpful to share with everyone the suggestions and our rationale behind our decision to either implement, defer or decide to not implement the suggestion.

This is the first and covers some of the suggestions over the last few months:

  1. FedEx costs – only time sensitive documents/packages should be sent “Priority Overnight.” Non Urgent mail should be sent standard overnight, or even USPS for non-priority mail. This suggestion is going to be implemented, as all team members will be reminded to prioritize mail properly.
  2. Standard formula for bonuses (benefit of working long hours) – suggestion was to accrue extra PTO based on the extra hours put in to be turned in as extra time off or paid out as bonus. As you are aware, we have a bonus program for our team members that don’t receive overtime, that program provides for the bonus to be heavily weighted toward exceeding budgeted hours. We have over the years looked at the option of accruing additional PTO in lieu of a bonus. We have always declined that as a result of feedback that our team members would prefer cash (don’t we all) and the ability to take additional PTO may be limited due to our busy schedules.
  3. Use Citrix web-based app to gain access to key software programs on any computer in case someone does not have their laptop. Citrix is old technology and with the emphasis on cloud technology we will be moving more applications to the cloud over time as our applications allow. All of our team members are encouraged to bring home their laptops so they will always have access to all of our applications from anywhere they can get an internet connection.
  4. Simplify task code for time entry of billable hours.  Over the years we have found that when planning engagements it is best to have as much detail as possible therefore we will keep the codes we have to track the different areas and understand where any problems occur. This also assists us in determining the efficiency of client engagements and if there are opportunities for additional invoicing to clients.
  5. Give the three days between Christmas Day and New Year’s off. We have discussed this over the years and the issue becomes that we have certain clients that require year end planning or onsite inventory inspections during this time. Other clients seek to conclude on transactions by year end. With the flexibility of our PTO program we think that the current policy provides fairness to those team members that need to service clients during this time frame and allow team members that don’t have those obligations, to take time off.
  6. All offices should be allowed to wear jeans during busy seasons.  This is a policy that is currently under review as part of our strategic planning…more to come on this one. Stay tuned.
  7. Create a flowchart for the process of a financial statement from beginning to end.  We have a standard process in place, if you have questions, please review with the PIC in your office to get clarity and ensure the proper procedures are being followed.

If anyone has any questions on these or needs some clarity on the decisions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

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