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MP MessageI trust you all had a great Thanksgiving, enjoyed some family time and have recovered from the inevitable food coma.

At Withum, we take pride in being on the cutting edge of technology compared to other firms within the profession. We were one of the first firms to embrace the “cloud” strategy to put our firm and our professionals in a better position to collaborate and share documents with our clients. This strategy included the deployment of GoFileRoom as our firm’s content management system.

It has come to our attention that old habits continue to be hard to break, and client-specific data is ending up in paper files, on local hard drives, on our office file servers (T drives, U drives, etc..), in various email folders, on memory sticks and virtually anywhere else an electronic file could be dragged and dropped. This can no longer happen. Privacy and security are issues that are paramount to our firm, particularly when it comes to client files containing confidential financial information.

Effective immediately, all client-related data MUST be stored in GoFileRoom. No exceptions.

Storing files in GoFileRoom allows all client files to be shared globally throughout the firm, regardless of office. In addition, files stored in GoFileRoom are subject to our firm’s mandatory document retention policy. I ask that all of our partners and team members take the initiative between now and the start of our busy season to migrate client-related data to GoFileRoom. And on an ongoing basis, all future client data is to be stored there as well.

If you have any questions about how to use GoFileRoom or how to properly organize files within the tool, please feel free to reach out to Amanda Wilkie, CIO, at

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