Strength Award Nominees / Withum Strength Awards

Congratulations to our Strength Award Nominees

WithumSmith+Brown is pleased to announce that we have received 33 nominations, involving 42 staff members, for this year’s Strength Awards. Our complete list of nominees can be seen below:

Administrative Strength
  • Vicki Beirne
  • Kathy Kline
  • Jennifer Regensburg
  • Keishla Rodriguez
  • The Team of Jamie Straube & Debra Santangelo
  • Susan Veres
Marketing Strength
  • Joseph Cassano
  • Allison Gorga
  • Krysten Hambrook
  • Jennifer Liem
  • Fatema Raza
  • Matthew Walsh
Community Strength
  • The Team of Karen Coviello & Austin Hagaman
  • Kayla Heaslip
  • Paul Kuhl
  • Christina Lazaro
Frederick S. Withum Outstanding Achievement
  • Mark Deters
  • Noah Hicks
  • The Team of Tanina Khanuja & Matt Basilo
  • Malia Mon
  • Jarrod Rhen
Leonard H. Smith Strength of Client Service
  • Jessica Giresi
  • Shawn Henderson
  • Peter Oliva
  • Brian Pace
  • James Trubenbach-Byrne
  • Baskar Venkatraman
  • The General Assembly Team: Stephen Antenucci, Solomon Feraidoon, Salvatore Franchino, Sumit Pal
Innovative Strength
  • Austin Hagaman
  • Joshua Horowitz
  • Melissa Roth
  • Anurag Sharma
  • The Automotive Consulting Team: Christine Andrews, Robert Campbell, Michael Roppo, Louis Young

Congratulations to all of our outstanding nominees!

Winners will be announced at the State of the Firm in January.

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