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Cyber & Information Security CPE Webinar

On Tuesday, January 17 Withum’s Dave Dacey and Anurag Sharma will be hosting a webinar introducing the firm’s “Cyber & Information Security Interview” Form for Audit Engagements. The session is for 1 CPE Credit and will be held at 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WEBINAR IS EXCLUSIVE TO WITHUM EMPLOYEES.

Cyber security issues are quickly becoming significant focus matters for the development of the client’s internal controls. This webinar provides guidance to conduct client interviews and will show you how to complete the new “Cyber & Information Security Interview” form required for all audit engagements. This form will soon become an important element of the overall risk assessment.

This session will focus on:

  • Why Cyber risk should become an integral part of the overall risk assessment of the audit of financial statements?
  • How this form can help us better understand and capture the Cyber risks faced by our clients?
  • Detailed instructions on how to conduct the interview and fill out the form.


After enrolling, you will receive a GoToTraining Confirmation email that will contain a link to add this event to your calendar. It will also include the link to access the webinar.

PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD YOUR LOGIN LINK TO ANYONE. It is unique to you. If you send it to someone else, they will be logged in as you and you will be unable to join the webinar.

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