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State of the Firm

MP MessageI am so excited about this afternoon’s State of the Firm event! I’ll keep this brief as I have much to do, with a full agenda planned for you. As you are aware, this year’s theme is INNOVATION, so I will be sharing about all of the great, innovative initiatives that are in play to drive growth and efficiency, and create new opportunities for our team members. We will also celebrate the many tremendous achievements made by our team members over the past year in our Strength Awards segment, and announce the new partners we will celebrate in September. And of course, we will kick off the program with our highly anticipated annual video. Many thanks to the Marketing Department team members who plan and prepare a year in advance, (literally… a full year) and have worked with me all weekend on this, for this big event which everyone in the firm enjoys.

State of the Firm (#sotf17 for you social media users) offers an excellent opportunity to spotlight our amazing culture, reminding us why Withum is truly one of the best places to work within our profession.

For those traveling today may it be a safe and smooth trip.

I look forward to seeing you all later today!

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