MP Message

The Final Push

MP MessageThe biggest and final push is on!

We have a little more than a week to get to the finish line of the current busy season. As I speak with many of you on the front lines, it has been an intense year with many challenges that we have met and overcome. Client data is coming in late, most likely due the change in the partnership return due date (at least that’s the current hypothesis), causing more compression of our work load. This last week is always the most stressful as we wrap up clients who brought in information early and then dribbled in K-1’s to us much later; or deal with those clients who enjoy the adrenaline rush of going right to the deadline; or prepare extensions for those business owners whose returns are the most complicated and have the most risk to us. But I know you all love a challenge!!

As we enter the final days, please remember that everyone is under pressure. Let’s continue to treat each other professionally, calmly and kindly, as we have done so far this busy season. We have a great firm with an even greater culture. While this week is stressful, it will also be rewarding… and on the other side of it is a day off next Wednesday and likely that vacation you’ve been planning.

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