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World-Class Client Service

MP MessageI trust everyone had a great Easter/Passover weekend.

We are winding down with one more day left before we reach our largest compliance due date. Congratulations on achieving this, and thank you for your extraordinary efforts.

As client service is at the core of what we do as a successful public accounting and consulting firm, I try to glean a lesson in leadership from relevant stories shared in the news. The recent incident of United airlines allowing an unwilling customer to be dragged off an overbooked flight in Louisville, KY, was unfortunate and disturbing on many levels. What a horrific experience for that doctor who simply wanted to stay in the seat he purchased so that he could be home in time to tend to his patients the following day. United’s iconic slogan to “Fly the Friendly Skies” was certainly not the sentiment shared by the United employees on duty that day, who got hung up on enforcing policy, and completely forgot about the airline’s Customer Commitment “to make every flight a positive experience” for their customers. This is certainly a massive public relations fiasco for United. But more importantly, it is an example of how corporate policy – the practice of overbooking flights which has merit when you take a hard look at the economics of it, as explained in this article – got in the way of customer service.

The lesson we should be reminded of from this story is to always put clients’ considerations first. Sometimes, we may come across things that may seemingly hinder that objective, such has enforcing processes which protect our risk or ensure accuracy, or time dedicated to helping our culture endure. However, at the end of the day we are in a service business. We need to always be continually communicating with our clients on our progress on all projects, and setting their expectations appropriately… and then exceeding them.

Our success with providing “World-Class Client Service” has fueled our growth and must be sustained to ensure our future. Thank you all for all your efforts to service our clients during this very busy season and throughout the year.

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