MP Message / Thought Leadership

Team Member Advisory Board

MP MessageFirstly, let me extend a hearty Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrated yesterday… whether with those special Moms currently in our lives – mothers, sisters, wives, or daughters – or in remembrance of those mothers who are no longer with us but their memory continues to warm our hearts. I trust you had an enjoyable day.

As a follow up to last week’s MP message about the launch of the firm’s Innovation Council, I’d like to share about another new initiative to assist in the continued growth of our firm and its culture, the Team Member Advisory Board. The main purpose of this advisory board is to propose new ideas on how to improve the firm in any way that will encourage positive change. The board will start with an unlimited number of ideas that are proposed by the board members, then narrowed down to a list of three or four which the team will ultimately implement.

We opened up nominations for membership of three different boards through a formal application process:

  • Staff / Staff II
  • Senior / Supervisor
  • Manager / Senior Manager / Principal

Each office has one representative at each Board level, and the PIC approved the slate of nominees. The term on the Board is for two years, and a chair person will soon be selected. After having 48 team members apply, with 15 elections and 234 votes (which have been audited!)… the results are in for our very first set of Team Member Advisory Boards:

Staff 1/Staff II Advisory Board:

  • Andrew Sariyan, Whippany
  • Carly Luczak, Orlando
  • Caroline Neves, New York
  • Christina Giorgio, Paramus
  • Dominque Falcone, Princeton
  • Gianna Figurelli, Red Bank
  • Jaclyn Armellino, New Brunswick
  • James Trubenbach-Byrne, Philadelphia

Senior/Supervisor Advisory Board:

  • Emily Furey, Red Bank
  • Hillary Flook, Philadelphia
  • Jasmina Woodson, Paramus
  • Kayla Heaslip, Whippany
  • Keirstin Chrzanowski, Princeton
  • Kyle Anderson, Orlando
  • Malia Mon, New Brunswick
  • Robert Traester, Boston
  • Travis Dugan, New York

Manager/Senior Manager Advisory Board:

  • Chanda Home, Orlando
  • Christina Lazaro, Red Bank
  • Dan Richardson, Princeton
  • Nathaniel Green, Whippany
  • Shannon Metz, New Brunswick
  • Tim Tyrrell, New York

Congratulations to all that have been elected! We look forward to hearing from them in future communications with ideas on how to encourage and implement positive change throughout the firm. As our firm’s purpose is to be the catalyst for growth and success, we are optimistic that this creative group of professionals will help us achieve even greater heights.

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