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Harassment & Diversity

MP MessageAs our firm continues to grow with new team members being added to our roster practically every week, discussions on sensitive topics such as harassment and diversity become even more relevant and critical. With this in mind, the Talent Management Department will be announcing the roll out of trainings on these very important topics later today. These trainings will be MANDATORY, accessible in video format which can be viewed at your convenience. They run 10-to-15 minutes each with a short test at the end.

A few notes about firm policy as it relates to harassment and diversity:

Harassment – As a reminder, we have a zero tolerance policy for sexual or any other form of harassment for all team members. Harassment of any kind is prohibited against fellow team members, contractors, vendors or members of the public. Harassment can come in many different forms and can be verbal, nonverbal, physical and/or sexual in nature.

Please also remember we have a formal complaint process in place to address the occurrence of harassment. When there is such an occurrence, immediately go to your supervisor or a member of the Talent Management Department with any such complaint. In addition, when any allegation of harassment is made, please know we are obligated to respond immediately to investigate and resolve the situation.

We are committed to continuing to work hard to provide a good and safe work environment for all team members. That includes a zero tolerance policy for all forms of workplace harassment.

Diversity – Work culture, like society, is multicultural. Our firm values the differences of a diverse population and the individuality of all people; team members and clients alike should be treated with dignity. The training you will receive is designed to encourage you to think about your own attitude and actions, emphasizing the responsibility and power each of us has to minimize the impact our biases may have on our decisions and our behaviors.

We recognize that the firm’s continued success depends on the collective strengths of our team members. As such, we are committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA). We recruit, hire, train and promote team members in all job titles and ensure that all other personnel actions are administered without regard to a team member’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, color, age, disability, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, gender identity, marital status, citizenship status, medical condition (including pregnancy and childbirth), or any other such characteristics as specified by the applicable laws.

As described in our Core Values, Withum is committed to providing a professional and caring environment where talented, people-oriented professionals can reach their fullest potential. Thank you in advance for your support and participation in these very important trainings.

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