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What’s Your Purpose

MP MessageWe are six months away from our next State of the Firm meeting, scheduled for January 8th at the beautiful NJ Performing Arts Center. In today’s MP message, I’d like to get you all thinking more about the topic of PURPOSE, which will be the meeting’s theme. I began speaking about our firm’s purpose at the last SOTF meeting, which is “Be the Catalyst for Growth and Success.” It aligns with our Core Values messaging: to inspire and empower our clients, our staff and our communities to reach their fullest potential.

To be a purpose-led organization, it is vital that every single team member coming to work here every day understands why what they do as an individual matters. Having a strong sense of purpose in what we do individually is incredibly important to ourselves personally, but also translates over to our clients and communities.

So, here’s where you come in… we want to hear about your purpose! What is your purpose here at Withum? Why do you wake up every day and do what you do for a living?

In the Withum Way spirit, we are looking for short videos which feature our team members describing their purpose. We get it: many of you work hard to pay the mortgage so your family feels secure, or to pay for college tuition to give your children the best opportunities in life possible. However, there are those whose personal purpose may weave closely into their professional purpose. Helping their clients succeed gives them such a thrill that that is their purpose for walking through those glass doors each day. Whatever your purpose is for coming to work at Withum is, we want to know about it.

As is the Withum Way, we are seeking video testimonials about your purpose. It should be no more than 60 seconds long. Simple videos created with your smart phones are perfect. Collaboration amongst a group – be it a niche team or engagement team or office team – is absolutely okay and also encouraged. The best videos received will be included in the State of the Firm 2018 video. ((#SOTF18)) We will also share these videos on Withum’s social media channels during the autumn months as part of the build-up of the State of the Firm meeting and the premier of our next video. The Withum Marketing Department will follow up with more details about video submission logistics shortly.

We hope many of you will participate. Withum’s culture is the hallmark of its brand, and with your help, we will continue in its success.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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