MP Message

Lodging and Meals Expenses

MP MessageA few months ago, I sent an MP message related to business travel time and expenses. There were many questions after related to lodging and meals expenses. Here are a few tips to remember, but please do refer to the Reimbursable Expense Policy section of the Team Member Manual found here:


  • When traveling, the firm will reimburse you for actual reasonable lodging expenses each night that you are traveling away from home. However, hotels are to be pre-approved prior to making reservations.
  • If traveling to a firm-sponsored event (CPE/training, State of the Firm, Partners Reception) or to meetings in other Withum offices, hotel accommodations will be double occupancy for all staff below a Manager.
  • The Talent Management Department will handle hotel accommodations for CPE/training. For State of the Firm, Partners Reception and other firm-wide sponsored events hotel accommodations will be coordinated by the Marketing Department.
  • When traveling to client meetings, meetings at other offices, or other business related travel, each staff member will be responsible for booking their own hotel accommodations. Accommodations are to be double occupancy for staff below a Manager.
  • When traveling to another Withum office, be sure to use the hotels with whom we have arranged discounted rates:
  • Always check with the local office managers for other hotel discounts.
  • In-room movies and use of hotel gym, massage services, and sauna facilities will not be reimbursed.
  • It is the traveler’s responsibility to notify the hotel of cancellations. “No Show” charges are not reimbursable unless approved.


  • Actual meal costs will be reimbursed, subject to reasonable limits determined by the location and circumstances. Attach meal receipts to submitted expense reports.
  • Personal Meal costs incurred during regular same-day trips (e.g., not overnight) are not reimbursed.
  • Overtime Meals (non-busy season), if approved by a Partner, are permitted if a team member works 10 hours or more in a day in reportable time. Reimbursement is limited to $15 per day. Receipts are required.
  • Weekend and Late Night Meals (busy season), if approved by a Partner, a team member can be reimbursed for meals. Actual receipts must be attached.
  • During Tax Season when meals are provided by the firm, the Overtime Meal, Weekend and Late Night Meals expenses are not reimbursable. Exceptions to this rule are team members who work off site during busy season.
  • When traveling overnight, team members will be reimbursed meals. There is no per diem, except for travel related to governmental contracts. All meals expenses must have a receipt.

Please be mindful of the policy stating that you have 60 days to submit a receipt. This policy was put in place to assist with capturing billable expenses while the jobs were still open, making it possible to recoup all expenses and time associated with engagements. If you have any questions related to these policies, please reach out to Joan Kampo, Director of Human Resources, at

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