MP Message / Withum Way

Maintain A Cooperative Attitude

MP MessageI’d like to continue expanding upon the ten traits described in the Withum Way, all of which define our culture and the behaviors which best exemplify our people. Today we will cover point four:

4.  Maintain a Cooperative Attitude. Possessing a willingness to help, to solve any problem, and to ‘make it happen’ is an attribute that is appreciated tenfold by others, and you are perceived as a team player.

There’s an old adage which states, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” A team can accomplish more together than if the individuals of that team work in their own silos. The importance of being a team player is to contribute to the whole through leadership, cooperation and participation. I often hear stories about our professionals working together to go above and beyond the call of duty when helping a client. They sacrifice sleep to meet deadlines; hustle to get every detail together; travel great distances for meetings; or seek the right resources if they don’t have the answers themselves… all in an effort to get the job done right for that client. Taking these extra measures means the world to our clients and morphs our relationships from being that of a typical service provider to being their trusted advisor. This same attitude is also greatly appreciated by your fellow team members, as it proves you are in it to win it together.

Whether with your clients, co-workers, or even your own family or circle of friends, demonstrating a positive, cooperative attitude goes a long way in strengthening relationships when everyone feels they are working together.

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