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Team Member Engagement Survey

MP MessageCongratulations everyone on surviving the September 15th deadline… onto October 15th!

Good news from our team in Florida. The power is back on, everyone is safe, and most had the tax deadline pushed to January. Hopefully some level of normalcy will return this week as they continue their clean up. We are all with you, Florida!

Tomorrow, you will be receiving an invitation to participate in a Team Member Engagement Survey. This survey, administered by Pomello, replaces our previous annual internal survey that we used to launch through Survey Monkey.

The short survey will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes and may be completed from your laptop or mobile device. Your responses are confidential and anonymous. The results are not tied to any ranking or award. The intent of this survey is to obtain honest, constructive feedback regarding your job satisfaction, organizational commitment, expected retention and overall experience here at our Firm. We will review the results at the partner retreat.

Similar to how team member evaluations provide important constructive feedback on your individual development and growth, we view the feedback from this survey to be important to the development and growth of the Firm itself. We instituted a number of new programs based on the results of surveys in past years, so please take advantage of this opportunity to provide us with your honest thoughts and opinions. We need to work together to make our Firm an even better place for our professional careers.

Should you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact our Director of Human Resources, Joan Kampo, at or Chief Talent Officer, Theresa Richardson, at

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