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Withum Week of Caring

MP MessageI hope you are as excited about our sixth annual Withum Week of Caring as I am! I understand the members of our Community Outreach Group have organized many terrific opportunities for our staff to participate in and enjoy. We continue to see great enthusiasm among the offices in preparation for this week, a true testimony to the generous and passionate hearts of the people who work here.

Here are a few housekeeping rules related to WWoC:

  1. Wear your Withum Cares T-Shirts to the Event – On the day of the event, you can wear your t-shirt and jeans to the office before or after.
  2. Track WWoC Time – The time spent preparing for your volunteer event (cooking, shopping, etc.), the time spent driving to the event, and your time volunteering at the event can be entered in Practice Engine and included as part of your 40 hour work week for this specific week. In Practice Engine, use the Marketing Activities service code, the Volunteer Work analysis code, and write “WWoC” in the Notes section. If you decide not to come to the office before or after your event, you will need to use your PTO time.
  3. Expenses – The mileage, parking and event expenses (purchase of food, for example) should be submitted in your monthly expense report. In Tallie, please use WSB NON CHARGEABLE TIME client code, “Reimbursable Expense – other” expense category code for non-mileage expenses (use Mileage 2017 as you normally would for mileage), and write “WWoC” in the details section of the entry.

This week, Be a Catalyst for Growth and Success by getting out there and ‘doing good’ in your communities… and have some fun! And don’t forget to take photos and videos while at your WWoC events, sharing them with your Community Outreach Group office representatives. On behalf of the firm’s Partners, we thank you for helping our communities to Be in a Position of Strength.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We all have plenty to be thankful for.

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